Saturday, September 29, 2012

What it is

in the early dawn of herstory, when i first started traveling (in serious!), each morning before the others were up, i would write postcards.
What could be more exciting in 1992, than to receive postcards in the mail from europe? no internet then, young whippersnappers! in addition to sending postcards to all my friends and family, i sent them to myself. they were enjoyed and treasured, as they arrived home some while after i.
then one christmas, shelley gave me a beautifully bound, hand made journal for a trip to africa.

thus began a habit of mine, keeping a journal during my travels. 

the problem, however, has been how to integrate photos with the journal.
this is my solution! travel blog. i guess i could post to facebook, because we have all enjoyed judy and vic's adventure thru the islands, but i don't want to loose all the detail that writting in the big book affords me.

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