Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Shopping to Bagan

We leave for Bagan tomorrow and Prima insists that the market at Nyaung is the place to buy. She and I shop well together and both of us have a good eye.
We do not want the men with us. So they are sent on their way and we tackle the small market. There are still real hand crafts here. No tshirt in sight-that in itself is exotic. The market is small and mainly is for farmers and fishermen. There is only a small part for jewelry, clothes, Buddhas, flowers and sewing. 
The cloth here is exceptional, as everyone still wears the traditional longi’s. I buy a cloth the color of mermaids, with orange stitching and purple patterning. Prima picks up a carved wooden god with wings – very unusual. Hanukkah presents are bought, and a jacket for me. Everybody is laid back here, no heckling the tourists. We’re interesting-they are interesting. It’s a win-win situation.
We want to go to Bagan tomorrow. Plane tickets have almost doubled and it doesn’t look like there are 4 to be had. S while Prima finishes her cappuccino and Monkey Man goes for a massage, Primo and I walk across the street to a local travel agent. 
After much negotiation, she assures us she can get us all on the flight the next day, for about 50USD less than anything on the internet has to offer. Sounds great to us. Receipts are written up, spelling of names reviewed and a bill is presented. Then comes the rub – can’t use a credit card!
So, lets get this straight, no physical ticket, no confirmation number and we need to give you cash for a hand written, yellow receipt? Sure, why not? I have to go back to the Apex Hotel, for the cash. Our new best friend and travel agent sends me in her personal taxi to retrieve the cash. The deal is made. Primo and I decide not to tell our partners the exact details of this transaction. Lets just see what happens at the airport. Could be another adventure or not.
Bright and early we are on our way to Heho airport. Thankfully, the hand written receipt and ticket is good and Primo and I are able to come clean with the entirety of the saga.

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