Thursday, May 29, 2014

Had to Blog this morning, to much wine last night!

Night before last, we had a wonderful late dinner in the Marais district after a short walkabout Rue des Rosiers. Pick a direction in Paris, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you explore the 3rd arrondissement or the 19th, the streets are alive with outdoor cafes’, bars and shops.
Pleeeeese, can I take it home with me?

La Marais is unusual for its pre-revolutionary architecture and the city’s oldest square, Place des Vosges. As aside in most tour books, there will be mention that Rue des Rosiers is home of the original Jewish section. Last we visited it was a loud, active street with the bustle of many orthodox Jews, kosher grocers, restaurants and art shops. Found there also, Saul Goldbergs famous deli (home of the best bagel I ever ate!) All that remains today are designer shops: Micheal Kors, Tom Ford, Kate Spade…..did I say yuck? In fact, gentrification has turned the most lovely area into a picturesque albeit, bland mall of consumerism. Goldbergs fa├žade remains, with it’s plaque to a bombing there in 1982, where 6 died and 22 were wounded, inside a high end jean store.
Where Canal St Martin slides under the city
Yesterday, though we arose late (yea!) and headed toward the upper end of Canal Martin. After the disappointment of the Marais, I can only wonder why more is not written of this area. Yes, it is the suburbs and for the most part the buildings are post 1950 but the parks surrounding the canal are not to be missed. We walked all the way to the 19th Arr., almost to the Peripheries (the circular expressway surrounding Paris) to La Villette, the largest park in Paris.

Around 2pm, we headed back home for a wonderful experience at Marrakech Hammam. We steamed until we could barely crawl and then had an invigorating Gommage.  A woman with a large loofa, soaps you up and then exfoliates every inch of your body, until you feel like your skin is burning. There are not words to describe how silky, smooth this makes your skin feel or how much it makes you want to take a nap.

Resting after the Hammam
Night took us to Gare d’Austerlitz, where Harvey heard tale of dancing along the Seine. Of course, this is the only time where it has actually rained in Paris; therefore, no dance. We consoled ourselves with a wonderful Assiette de Formage in the Latin Quarter and then Charcouterie (sp) a cured meat plate served in a bar, down a narrow street in St Germain.

The road less traveled
A delightful walk home we had in the rain, traversing Ile d Cite to the courtyard of Norte Dame across the bridge to Hotel DeVille. 
Pont Sully, Notre Dame in the background

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