Saturday, May 31, 2014

50 Shades of Beige

Some people visiting Paris go to museums, palaces and monuments.
All these colors and sizes ARE IN STOCK!!!!!
Not the Wasserweasels, we go to hardware stores. In fact, Harvey has been lamenting the fact of not buying a specific Phillips Head screwdriver in Arles, 5 years ago. Even I can't believe that this screwdriver was so great, but there you have it, who am I to argue?

While in the square next to Pompidou Center, we spied a really nice garden store, free to enter whereas the Pompidou Center is 25 Euros. Yep, we decided on the garden center but we were wrong; in fact it was a 5 story home store. Imagine if you will, Home Depot marries IKEA. The baby would be this store!
Glass Blocks in 10 colors, IN STOCK!

Every home item came in at least 5 colors.
Purple Kitchen sinks, IN STOCK (also red, black and yellow)
Now anyone who knows me, knows that I think there is way too much beige in the USA. I even made a plea on the radio in February for the Vero-nese to put more color in their bathrooms because I am having a hard time buying leftover tile for my mosaics.
I yearn for colored pulls!

It is time to rise up and demand color!

PS -  Harvey found his Dexter Phillips head screwdriver. Viva la France!

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