Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nix Nox - I mustache you to dance

Tonight we dance on the Seine

Lindy Hoppin' on the Nix Nox with the Paris Lindy Exchangee late last night on the Seine. We had a rockin' good time with a live band on a 125 foot barge built in 1911. It was packed with Parisians, English, 'Merikans and one lost Russian.

Pisine "Josephine Baker"
View from the porthole on the Nix Nox   
Our Big Band

This part of the Seine was party city. There was barge after barge docked, that were cinemas, restaurants, theaterss and one large swimming pool! On the Quai besides the river, there were even more restaurants and bars.

So Blogger is acting like a spoiled soon when Harvey has time to spank the computer!

Mwah - from Paris!


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