Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Paris to Amboise

Harvey drove us out of Paris in a blue Fiat 500. An absolutely amazing feat. That we found our rental car in a parking garage 3 stories (out of 5) underground, lit with soft purple lights; emerging on a street where we had no idea where north, south, east or west were. Harvey had googled directions to the Periphery, the large expressway that circles Paris, that morning while we were cleaning our apartment. Just in case the GPS did not work.
Page 1 of directions, Oy!
We were relieved when the GPS kicked in but oh, what a route it chose for us! I began to feel uneasy when I noticed we had reached the Pigalle district and then could not believe we were directed past The Moulon Rouge. Onward we traveled down to Place Clinchy, the boulevard ever widening, the buildings becoming ever more upscale. Ahead I spied and arch in the road. My stomach jumped. "Harvey, I think we are fixing to drive thru the roundabout at the Arc du Triomphe" I said, hardly believing what was going to happen.
"No, we're no where near it," Harvey stated with conviction in his voice.
The busiest roundabout in the world.
Harvey made it thru the first go: no dents, no horns, no wet pants. Nothing was impossible after this.

Finally on the A10 and heading to the Loire Valley and Amboise, these were the signs at most of the exits.
Travelers get nice picture of the various castles, lakes, chateaus and towns they could visit. Liking the road less traveled, we left the A10 at Blois and drove along the Loire River to Amboise. The road sits on top of a large dyke, with all the old farmhouses and fields to out right, the wide and fast river on our left. The fields are all shades of gold and green. We passed well maintained forests; fully grown trees standing attention in straight military lines. Every so often, there was camping available, with parks full of caravans, lawn chairs and canoes. Signs whizzed by for various farms advertising exotic homemade cheeses-cow and goat, asparagus-green and white, and of course, wine.

Then we reached Amboise, across the River Loire.
Just one side of the Castle
This castle and a cave to sleep in to boot! Tomorrow we explore, eat cheese and drink wine.
One of the many Troglo under the castle.

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