Monday, June 2, 2014

Travel Day

This morning is all about doing laundry (yes, I have a washer/dryer in my Paris apartment!), writing this blog and going out for one more delicious noisette (small espresso) with a chocolate and pistachio pastry. I am sitting at the table in my apartment near the double hinged windows, open, looking over the courtyard, while a neighbors birdies chirp, chirp, chirp away.

Sunday, we started our day with a journey to Montmartre where the Sacre' Coeur Cathedral is perched high above the city, a gorgeous vista second to none in Paris.

I know we look normal in the above picture, but let me assure you, we both had a bad case of burning thighs. There are 2 ways to get to Sacre' Coeur by metro; close enough to use the funicular to ascend to the top. If you are ever in Paris, DO NOT use the Abbessess station! It's is hilly in Montmartre and while it makes this part of town picturesque, that means that the metro is deep within the earth. As in we had to climb up 7 stories of stairs to reach the top of the station. There is no elevator or escalator, just you and your lungs and thighs. Never stay at a hotel or apartment which says that this is your nearest Metro, unless you are a sadist or spend a lot of time at the gym on the StairMaster.

I am happy to report that this area of town still retains it charm and small town french ways. Here were the cafe's, the cheese shops, the butchers the artists, the charming store fronts and french food.

Later Sunday, we took off for Porte de la Villette, where the science center is and is home of the largest park in metro Paris. Also, it was the last day of dancing with the Lindy Exchange Paris. We laid on the lawn, soaking up the rays and danced a time or 2. There were at least 75 people in attendance.

Couples young and old doing the Lindy
The Science Center and Park reside next to the St. Martin Canal and the Science Center is famous for the giant Geode.
Senor Monkey Man, on our walk back home had the brilliant idea to stop and ask the captain of  one of the barge crusises if we could pay to ride to their last stop. The captain said no, and waved us on for free!!!!

The drop off point at Quai de la Loire

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Sally Brown said...

I am loving this! I too have climbed those damn stairs. the ADA is for Americans, there are no concessions for Europeans with Disabilities apparently. the food looks so beautiful. I am a fool for charcuterie, however it's spelled. How I miss that ham. I feel better knowing you had damn good reason not to be home when we were in Florida :)