Friday, June 6, 2014

Odo du Blois

Leaving the loveliness that was Amboise and Le Rocher (Gite de Charme) we meandered thru the French countryside in our fearless yet petitte Fiat to the City of Blois (pronounced Bla-wahh). Our last 3 days in France will be spent in Hotels therefor check in is the standard 3pm. Thru country roads we zoom to Montrichard, also to be found on the River Cher close to Chenonceau. Actually, we passed 2 large "chateau" type places before we found Montrichard.
Chateau de Chissay - Hotel  Fresh
Chissay was in a fabu town with well kept homes, most having their own troglos. Ah, heaven! Spring in the french countryside, all the fields green and yellow with some sort of grain like plant. Fresh apricots at all of the marches'. CHERRY'S.  Arriving in Montrichard, I am pleased to find a crumbling castle far above town, which has no entry fee. We picnic across the Cher, with the splendid little town our view.
Montrichard, home of neolithic people too!
I have absolutely forbidden the GPS, and so we continue to  wind about 2 lane roads on our way to Chaumont Sur Loire . Most of us have a vision in our heads of what a castle should look like.  That image was placed there by Mr. Disney by way of his renderings of Cinderella's castle. Mr. Disney used Chaumont as his model.
Chaumont, high above the Loire with really great gardens.
Well now, let me tell you hunney's, Chaumont had it going on! It wasn't just a castle, it was an Art Center. All of the stables and servant quarters had been renovated to hold art exhibits. Not only is it a UNESCO heritage site it is a contemporary art center.
Exceptional installation by Patrick Dougherty
Also, this is the first castle we have visited, that just let you wander around inside thru the servants and worker-bee's quarters. All peeling wallpaper, exposed beams and lathe work. Tiny hallways twisitng around the royal chambers.
Thus far,  Chaumont wins best vision of what can be done with a castle to make it more than just a castle.
The view from Cinderella's castle.
It's just a hop, skip and jump to Blois later that day. Guess what, there's a castle there too!

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