Friday, April 29, 2016

Spicy Water

I guard the gate!

Exiting the ferry or metro, one must inevitably exit thru a sea of stalls selling food, souvenirs and a plethora odds and ends. When the ferry stops at a tourist destination, the stalls multiply exponentially, providing a circus atmosphere. On the way to our last Shrine, Wat Po and the Imperial Palace, the stalls were particularly festive and loud. Harvey found himself drawn to a gentleman hawking cold water. It was his patter that made the sell, as he sang in broken English, “Spicy Water – best spicy water!” If Thailand is really the country of smiles, this businessman was the Ambassador of smiles.
Wat Po is the home of the longest reclining Buddha in the world. Instead of boring shrine pictures, I give instead, close up of the detailed tile work that covers all the temples, prongs, stupas and bases of Buddha’s. I am in awe of the custom work I have seen here.

We met up with Cousin Marissa and David for her birthday on our last day in Bangkok, prior to leaving for their winter home in Cha Am. The day began with a birthday tiara for Marissa and ended with drinks on the 64th floor of Breeze Bar followed by dinner at a jazz club, The Saxophone Club.

Marissa, her tiara and cousin Harvey

Sunset drinks high above Bangkok

Cha Am is a 2-hour taxi ride from Bangkok, depending on traffic. Located on the beach, it is a weekend resort for the Thai people. Marissa and David have been wintering here for about 20 years and now own a delightful 2-bedroom condo. It is a great little town which luckily, we got to visit when it was not the height of season. You can get where you need to on a bike in Cha Am and there are plenty of restaurant options (Smoking Dirt Fish).

Beach Massage Parlor
PJ Park in Cha Am
Buh Bye Bangkok!

I am sitting in the Bangkok Airport, RIGHT NOW, waiting on our flight to Hong Kong. Buh bye, Thailand.

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