Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Wreckage of the Ruins

Inside the Angkor Complex

I have been hooked on ruins since I saw my first Indian Mound in North Georgia when I was a wee one camping with my parental units. As I grew older and the world grew larger, I had longings for more ancient history. 

The land of 10,000 Naga's
The exotic, undiscovered and hard to get to places. In my 20’s I visited the Mayan Ruins, which were not as easy to get to as they are today.  I’ve seen Stonehenge and the Cairn Man, the remains of the Roman Empire in Rome. French Castles, Neolithic Caves, Roman Aqueducts, Andalusia and ancient Moorish Temples, Constantinople, Topkopi Palace.  Ephesus was my furthest trip to the Near East. Machu Pichu took me south of the equator.
Wonderful Carvings decorate the Walls
Angkor Wat took me half way around the world.
Angkor is still a functioning Temple

The last 3 days have been spent exploring the largest Temple complex in the world. Not much is known about its civilization. We get up at 530am to have breakfast at 6am and be on the road to temples as soon as the doors open because it is 100 degrees here. The only time it’s tolerable to be outside is early in the morning and late at night.
Bayon Temple - the face farthest to the right looks like Merrion Pew

Ta Prong-where Tomb Raiders was filmed

Ta Prong - A tree temple, meaning there is shade!

Apsara protect the Temples

Tommanom Temple

A whole lot of Naga's waiting to be restored to greatness


Apsara at Banteay Kdei Temple

Buddhist Nun will bless you at Banteay Kdei
Do we look wilted yet?

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