Friday, October 26, 2012


Rio Calderna, Boquette, Panama

The bus ride to Boquete/Davis was fraught with nada. A deep seat, which reclined, upstairs on the large double decker greydog styled bus. Loading at 830, most of our travel companions were slumped down in the soft seats, ready for slumber. We were the only gringos, as gringos usually fly. The lush green countryside glides by with the help of pneumatic shock absorbers.
At one point we are invaded by a bushel of German Pickles and her companions.  Here to learn the language, bask in the sun and have sex paid by parental masters.

Our Casita

We are met at the bus station in David by our hosts for the week, Cora and David. They have lived in Boquette for 10 years after selling their successful business in St. Pete.  Their home is in the sky, with a view of Volcan Baru, high above Boquette. Rainbow country they say.
The bands of the tropical storm are affecting Panama, as well as Florida thus we continue to be covered by clouds and sprinkled with water. It is quite chilly here and neither Harvalah, nor I am prepared. This is not a place where you can run out and buy what you need. We are wearing everything!

Volcan Baru, from our porch

Speaking of everything, the camera is not working well and needs to be replaced asap. All this gorgeous scenery is not being captured. Thank the goddess that my foot picture turned out as little else has. Therefore we march into David today and attempt to find something better.

 Form my brother Mike; they are waiting for you in Boquette!

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