Saturday, October 27, 2012

Volcanos and New Cameras

The sun decided to grace us with her presence today. About time! We raced thru a breakfast of garlic toast, the monkey man frying himself a bright yellow yoked egg and head out toward the volcano. The maps are not great in Boquete.  While in the casita we can google, but out in the big world there is nary a web, nor road signs. Directions from locals can be tricky. In due course we locate the sign to the volcano, beautifully camouflaged under a cascade of flowering vines. Up; the road leads us past the ubiquitous coffee plants, greenhouses and roadside attractions all the while twisting and carpeted in mossy abandon littered with lazy black dogs sleeping on the warm pavement after days of clouds, rain and damp. Crude block homes of the local Indians dot the landscape dramatically interspersed with the castles of expats mostly empty of inhabitants. At an intersection a bus driver stops us to tell us the road ends. One can only walk to the volcano.

Most of the roads here are circuits. One cannot pass thru the mountains, except by foot or horse so it is very hard to become lost, as all roads return to Boquete.  Carrera Vocancito Arriba (Upper Little Volcano Road) places us above Boquete, close to the car rental establishment Value Motors Boquete, where we must stop and give them copies of our passports and my driver’s license. Harvey has been repairing computers and routers since our arrival, and here it is no different.

Onward to the large and sprawling city of David where the new and shiny Mall awaits our tourist dollars. We have been given directions to the Panafoto: turn left as soon as one spots the KFC! ( Yes the chicken of Kentucky is very popular in the southern hemisphere.)

Mono en la jardin.

The Castle and Villa Marita - our neighbors.

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