Sunday, October 21, 2012

For Karen et al

I take pictures of my feet while on vacation.

Machu Picchu, Peru
 I awoke at 4am to join a line and waiting until 6am before taking a bus skyward on a vertical dirt path to yet another line which entered the park, proceeding thru the gate-running and leaping up steep Incan stairs to capture a virtually deserted landscape at dawn in this shot. I wore these Keds until there were holes in the bottom.

Chobe, Botswana
Glass of South African Shiraz in hand, relaxing on a sunset cruise via  double-decker party pontoon after a 5 hour flight from Nambia where Harvey flew the Cessna 182 across the Kalihari desert, over the Okavango Delta ultimately landing in Chobe after the runway was cleared of zebra. The boots stayed in Namibia with the air mattress.

Bahia Fosforescente, Puerto Rico
Honeymoon. I kept the feet.

Ephesus, Turkey
Suddenly there are more feet! in the picture Mine and Pickle's feet, just having witnessed park rangers shooting feral hounds and castrating them at the park entrance.No extra fee.

What you have to do for a successful picture.More foot pictures to follow!

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