Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spay Day Sundays in Boquete, Panama

Today, our gracious hosts took us for a personal and up-close tour of Boquete and surrounding areas. Little did we know that today was special. It was Spay Day at the Boquete Gymnasium.

Once a month many brave souls from Boquete gather together, along with local Vets for a Spay Day Special. Bring your dogs and cats and puppies and kitties for a gratis grab at their little genitals. I'm not really sure why our hosts decided to put this on the short list of stuff to do in town on a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning, but here we are and most decidedly, it is an impressive operation (no pun intended!)
Every one is a volunteer, even the vets. The animals are spayed and shots given. Today, the lead organisers predicts at least 150 animals will be spayed. Last year, almost 3000 were spayed and neutered. Ouch!
Preop. Animals are shaved, sprayed with alcohol and sterile (ha-yeah right!) drapes applied.
This young fella is in preop waiting for the next surgical table to become available.

Cute Mr. Puppy will not remember his ordeal.

 There is Kitty Kat ICU, with oxygen, heating pads and rectal thermometers (for some reason dogs never need ICU). Above is regular post-op. All animals have a person to take care of them and holding and petting them until awake.These Volunteers will spend the next 8 hours with these pets.
Happy owners and sleepy, freshly neutered pets, basking in the bright Panamanian sun.Tomorrow we travel to Panama City, where there have been riots in the street. Tomorrow either you all will get more pretty pictures of our travel or pictures of police in riot gear escorting us to our plane to Colombia. For my non medical readers, I have left the graphic pictures out of this post.

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Count du Roseland said...

but it is the graphic pics that are the best! Seriously, what a production line setup in a Gym. Everyone wanted and welcomed our observation. A doc gave me an up close and personal demonstration of a neuter. "See? Simple, just like that!", he said. Oy!