Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Early Voting and Fresh $100 dollar bills

Our last several trips out of the country have taught me to contact the bank about a week before we leave and ask them to find us some new, crisp $100 and $50 dollar bills to take for exchange. Nothing is worse than finding yourself  in downtown Anatolia without money - at least money that anyone will take for exchange.  Look closely to the picture above. Not a lot of ATM's to be found in places like this. Then there is the limit of what you can take out during a 24 hour period. Or if you find an ATM, it eats your card just because!
(Thanks T-shirt for bailing us out with our rent in France!)

In is also imperative to watch the local currency, when receiving change. Most businesses and banks will not accept bills which have been torn, ripped or written on. Tourista's are easy marks for the torn bill game. As much money as I wash in my scrubs, thank goddess that the US of A doesn't ascribe to this practice.

The money's now changed and the pre-pack has begun. I have a "real" book and Shelley has lent us her Kindle Fire which I have had a hard time keeping out of Harvey's hands. We're taking the Kindle and our small notebook. Hopefully not too much fighting will ensue on which of us will be using which device and when.

Tomorrow, after work I'm off to Vero to get my absentee ballot. It will be fun reading about our election in a Colombian newspaper! As we speak the Colombian government and the FARK rebels are in Norway, of all places, attempting to settle their differences with a little nudge from Chavez and the Cuban governments. Who knows, both countries might go to hell in a hand basket while we're traveling. Won't this blog be exciting then?


Anonymous said...

bookmark, check. Now to see if I can actually comment on this without publicly posting my blood type...

Anonymous said...

OK it's really me, Sara, aka Sally Brown. Good grief's little sister.