Saturday, November 3, 2012

A hards days night

Ah travel, I love you. I love the unexpected, the surprises both good and maybe just a little bad. Yesterday was all of that and more.
We awoke; full of promise for our new lodgings in El Laquito.  Henry ( had folks arriving early to take our 1 bedroom apartment, so we helped with the cleaning and left for our new location at Torres del Lago.

Arriving, we were met by what seemed like 50 or so Chica’s, laden with suitcases and Mickey Mouse backpacks.  Did I mention that Colombia’s cheerleading competition was this weekend? Yes, all these little Chica’s were cheerleaders and happy to be in the big city of Cartegena.  The giggling was out of control. Harvey struck up a conversation with the smallest, gigglest of the cheering-chicas. Her name was Estafanie and she is 10. Let’s just say that this interaction resulted in multiple pictures with the gringos. How thrilling to be in the big city and speaking with Americans!

Finally up in our room, we discovered the air-conditioning did not work in the living room. The owner was called and promises were made. On that basis, Harvey and I went to explore El Laquito. Returning to the room at the designated time, no one was there to fix the air. Cutting to the chase, by afternoon it became apparent the air was not going to be fixed today.

Harvey and I are travelers, which is not the same as vacationers. Thus we made the supreme sacrifice to become vacationers and hustled our butts over to the notorious Hotel Caribe (  for some good ole, “bring me another pina colada” next to the pool vacation time. A brilliant choice.

Stay tuned for tomorrows episode: Into the heart of darkness!

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