Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Middle of the Road

Something amazing happens Sunday in Bogota. In a society where gathering around the town square is ingrained in the collective consciousness, what does a city the size of Bogota do to retain the sense of  community? Well, they close one of the main arteries thru the city (Cra. Septima) to cars and buses and taxi's and motorcycles - about 100 city blocks, in all and leave it open to pedestrian traffic. Bikers, joggers, walkers and dogs!

 We were out and about around 9am, to go to the Pulgas de San Alejo Flea Market and what seemed to be the most of Bogota was out with us. Most of the stores in this city are closed, therefor the street vendors were out in force. Folks of all shapes. sizes, colors walking, biking, skateboarding, - everyone who had a dog was walking it. Monkey Man and I walked from about Calle 20 to Calle 72 and the street remained packed.

 The Flea had some of the best furniture I've seen, evah! Of course, when you can't possibly buy anything, it's all fabulous, rare and exotic. Continuing our stroll after leaving San Alejo, one couldn't help but notice that all the side streets had fleas up and down of used "everythings". One lane had nothing but children's toys.

It took us 4 hours to walk home.

Harvey did not go hungry.


Street food is varied and delicious here. Folks are friendly, coffee is plentiful. There are no Starbucks, only the Juan Valdez Cafe's.

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