Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Buh Bye, Cartagena

Old Town from the Hotel Jetty

Last day for saying goodbye to Cartagena. She is not what I expected and yet, exceeds my expectations. Still, she is like a grand old lady who has just gotten a fancy newfangled cell phone and doesn't know how to use it yet. One foot planted firmly in the old ways and the other striding toward her future.

Monkey Man on the Beach

Our hotel is somewhat the same. Billing itself as a model of New Colombian service, though someone forgot to tell the staff!  Hotel Caribe advertises that one of the attractions here is the "Zoo." Until today, we have thought the "Zoo" consisted of 5 parrots and 6 Monkeys in large cages toward the back of the property

This is not the sloth, but I wish it was

 Early today, at breakfast we noticed a sloth crawling across the walkway. Really, pet sloths? Why not? We were mesmerized at it's slow and deliberate movement up the sidewalk. Silly me, why bring the camera to breakfast on the patio by the pool? What's going to happen there, right?

Garfield and a deer friend

Returning from the beach we were met with this site, Garfield the hotel cat and his deer friend. The deer and the cat were just hanging out on the putt-putt course attracting the passerbyers.

A local eatery

Por la manana, we are off to Bogata and if we are lucky, Gringo Tuesdays.http://gringotuesdays.com/
After a steamy, hot week in Cartagena, I am ready for the mountain coolness of Bogata and having a washer/dryer in the new apartment. We should have a grand adventure attempting to find our apartment in this vast city, the 3rd largest in the America's (norte y sud)!

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