Friday, November 2, 2012

  Yesterday was all about finding a place to rent. Specifically an apartment. Though Cartagena is a tourist town, it does not gear itself to speaking anyone else s language. Our plan of action was to take a taxi to the beach side of town, start walking and hope to find a rental office. Thank goodness, everyone here happens to have a cousin or uncle or aunt who "knows someone." Our taxi driver was no different.
 He pulls out a business card to give us, but we don't have a phone. On most every street corner, there is some intrepted person who sells minutes their personal cell phone. Our driver parks us to use one of these "street phones" and takes us to his sobrina (cousin) who of course, just happens to rent luxury apartments. Her name is Karen, but she wants no part of a Spanglish conversation. Karen hands us over to Rosana who came to specifically show us her apartment. Though a great view, it is spartan in furnishings and does not look comfortable for a 4 day stay.

Pool on the 27th floor

She of course has yet another friend and we are taken to Boca Chica  to continue our search. Ahhhh, more like it! Harvalah negotiates a better price and we accept the offer. He offers to buy Rosana lunch for her help. She is delighted and off in another taxi to El Centro for a magnificent lunch at La Mulata.

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