Saturday, November 10, 2012

Easy Tourist Day

Yesterday we went to Usaquien, a small town that has been swallowed up by the ever expanding Bogota. Like Candelaria, the old section of town, Usaquien is easy to navigate and does not have the touristy feel......yet. There were many murals painted on the few streets of this small hamlet. Calm and a wonderful place to just hang out in the square and wait for the day to pass.

Afterwards we headed toward Parcque del Chicos. Beautiful grounds in the middle of the city. Spring fed fountains and a museo, which unfortunately was closed. Many flowers in bloom. The museo was an old colonial school at one time.

See, I do let Harvey have the camera every once and a while.

We finished our day at Zona T, which is the upscale shopping end of town. All the big designers have stores here. Lunch was had at Central Cevicheria, , which was packed and very, very delicious. Tired and mostly cold, we returned to the apartment for home cooked chili. This is our back terrace, where it is too chilly to hang out.

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