Thursday, March 10, 2016

Advanced Style in Shibuya

After longs days, filled with avoiding tourist stigmata, it can be difficult to return home and put down to writing all the memories,visions, tastes and smells that have happened in the last 24 hours. One highlight of the day, that I missed in my first post, was going to Seibu Department Show to see Ari Seth Cohen's of Advanced Style, photo exhibit.  Advanced Style

I love how Ari has brought style to the forefront of the worlds eye's for women over 65. It was beautiful to walk thru the exhibit admiring the photography but more importantly, the women who had come to see the exhibit. Classic style, wild style of women all over the world. Personally, I like the "real" street view ladies.

Thanks Ari, it was a charming show!
March 10th photo from Advanced Style-Shibuya -Photo by Ari Seth Cohen

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