Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On the banks of the Perfume River

Entry gate to the Forbidden Purple City (not my photo)
Hue is known as the Imperial City of Vietnam and was its capital until 1947 before the last of Nguyen Emperors abdicated. Famous for its Royal Citadel which was built in the 1800’s and The Forbidden Purple City, were fashioned after the Chinese Forbidden City.
Dragon Boats on the Perfume River

Hue and the Imperial City were almost destroyed during the US’s TET offensive. During the Battle of Hue experienced  intense fighting lasting for a month. During their occupation, the communists executed thousands of people in the Massacre at Hue which had a profound effect on the US government and shocked the US public. U.S. public support for the war declined and the U.S. sought negotiations to end the war.
Ceramic Dragons on the Roof of the Imperial House

Hue is a Unesco Heritage Site and is the home of the first “western style” hospital built in 1894 which has 2094 beds.
Citadel's outer wall and first of 3 moats
Golden Dragon on the Pavilion of Emperors

Sorting chili's at family restaurant, pearls on like Barbara Bush

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