Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kookoo's Nest, Brown Out's and Sleeping on the Boat

We thought the Tambobo part of our trip would be down time, maxing and relaxing - helping Diane with chores in between fun in the sun. Island life is slow, but every day you've got to do what is needed to survive that day. But then, you can have this:

We are in the dinghy on our way to the Kookoo;s Nest Resort on the other side of Tambobo Bay.  A lovely divers resort on a deserted beach, run by a great couple from down under.
As the dinghy approaches,  you start seeing peeks of thatched roofed buildings. The beaches here are white, bit not sandy. Lots of small coral and shells litter the beach. The water is crystal clear and one can see parts of the reefs.
As you arrive, there is a long bamboo, floating pier (everything is bamboo here). The resorts dive boat floats nearby, while snorkelers dart about like bait fish.

The Kookoo's Nest boasts a excellent restaurant, with all sorts of cocktails. Here, you can see my splurge of a Pina Colada. The owners grow much of the vegi's served here, catch the fish and even smoked the bacon on my BLT. All their bread is baked on premises. That's how it's done when there are no groceries anywhere around.
There were folks here from all over the world to dive in the pristine waters. Kid's too.

Each of the hotel rooms are separate, thatched roof homes, all facing the water. Provided are beach chairs, hammocks, and on Sundays a masseuse arrives for very reasonable massages overlooking the bay.
It was a great day. When we arrive back at the beach house, there was a brown out that left the entire state of Negro's Oriental without electricity.  And thus, the lack of posts until now. Don't fell too sorry for us, though, we just loaded back into the dingy for an enchanting night, under the moon on Pilar, sleeping under the Southern Cross.

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