Thursday, March 10, 2016

Small apartments and grilled wombs.

 It was a 22 hour day to get to Japan. All worth it.
But before we left:
Harvey locked himself out our of checking account (online), BCBS stated I really didn't have any insurance when I went to buy my 2 months RX for the trip, the rental car wasn't ready, we had not heard from our rental owner of directions to get into our Tokyo apartment and Harvey's mother was hospitalized for a ischemic stroke  (it was a small one, without deficits). Whew!!!!

ANA airlines was great! Large and roomy seats, adjustable foot rests, great hostesses and lots and lots of new run movies to watch on the 14 hour flight. I watched the new Star Wars Movie, Mockingjay parts 1 and 2, Carol and still had about 5 more hours in the air. Never got to sleep, so I was vibrating when we finally got here. One hour from the Narita Airport to our apartment.
Laying on the bed barely able to open the door to hall kitchen
 We arrived to the smallest studio apartment know to mankind. We cannot open all of our suitcases at one time, but there is a heated toilet!  FlipKey Rental

Day one has been wandering around Shibuya. It's the area one always sees on TV and movies that has the big intersection with the millions of folks crossing thru? The Times Square of Tokyo. On our way there I saw an Owl Bar. Probably will never find it again, but for the price of one drink you can cuddle with a live owl. Later, we pass the Cat Bar, where you can pet the kitty's for a price of a drink.
Yakatori Restuarant

We were out very early! There were no crowds and no one here seems to eat breakfast but we found this little place down by the train station where they roasted all the parts of the pig and served omelet's too! While we were there, some woman randomly complimented my chopstick technique.
Wombs and gristle and hearts, oh my!

The Fire Monkey wanted to visit the Sony Center, as they have a large archive of all things geeky, so we braved our first metro train trip. Shibuya Station is enormous. I've been on the Paris Metro, the Subways of New York and in Bogota Columbia, but Tokyo beats them all, even when it is not rush hour. We made it without tears or international incidents and found the Sony Headquarters Building. Large and imposing, with a lobby that could swallow a whale, we approached the bevy of young receptionists who, with little or no English between them gathered that we where at the wrong place, as this was Corporate Headquarters and we really wanted the Archives. As there was nothing else we could do and because the 86 inch, 4k television located in the middle of the lobby started playing "Uptown Funk", we did the only thing we could do: we danced - much to the amusement of staff and business men as they breezed by.

Train Sushi
We ended the day by eating at an automated sushi restaurant, where you ordered your choices on  computer and it was delivered by high tech conveyor belt. Uobei Sushi

The Weather Channel says it going to snow tonight. Oy vey!

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