Saturday, March 26, 2016

Street Food

It's Friday night and we have booked a street food tour. 10 of us will be following Cherry, our petite Vietnamese Guide thru, streets like these for the next 3 hours. She say's we must cross the streets together, "like sticky rice."
Bun Cha
Just like every Tony Bourdain show you've ever seen, all the chairs in Vietnam are TINY. I have not seen the tiny seat store yet, but there must be one lurking about somewhere. Bun Cha is a broth soup, with lots of citrus and sweet with added crispy, grilled pork belly, served with rice noodles and a melage of greens that you throw in while it's hot. Don't forget the fresh garlic and hot peppers.
Goi Du Du
Above is a green papaya salad with thin sliced beef, beef jerky and peanut garnish. It was my favorite of the night.
Bahn Coun Thit
This is a crepe thin, rice pancake filled with beef, onions and mushrooms, topped with crispy fried onion. It was dipped in a sweet and hot (spicy) broth. We were all given a chance to make a pancake on the street. No one in our group should quit their day job.
Fried shrimp, Pillow Pasty, and 2 crab thingies.
Next cam the fried poo-poo platter with a Ba Ho Ha Noi (Beer). This restaurant was down a alley, up a staircase and in a room with a large portrait of Micheal Jackson (and Ho Chi Min).
Kem Xoi
Desert course, coconut ice cream on green, sticky rice, sprinkled with dried banana chips.
Egg Coffee
We ended the night with an Egg Coffee. Think of espresso poured into condensed milk merange. Thank goodness, it was a small cup, because as you know, the coffee here is Viet-meth.

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