Friday, March 25, 2016

The Trip Begins

Ok. Don't laugh at the title of this post. In a way, it has finally begun as we originally envisioned.
Our process began with finding cheap flights to Asia. America and Philippines go back and forth a lot and we found that the price to go forward to Vietnam from Manilla, was cheaper that many direct options.

Nonetheless, we find ourselves finally in Ha Noi, in The Golden Moon Hotel, on the edge of Old Town.
Shrine in front of the Hotel
After the heat in Tambobo, the coolness of Ha Noi is fabulous! We arrived  in the late afternoon to a slow drizzle of rain, which washed the streets clean and refreshed the city air. Anxious to start looking around, we sampled some of the famous Vietnamese Coffee (I will forever call it Viet-meth)
Close to our hotel and on the edge of the Old District, Ho Hoan Kiem (Sword Lake) resides. It is the historical center of modern day Ha Noi. In the middle of the lake is Thap Rua, the turtle tower, where the golden turtle god rose out of the lake and gave an ancient king the sword which gave him the
power to defeat the Chinese and drive them from the land.
The park that surrounds the lake, if full of tourists and locals from sunup to late night. There are elaborate flower plantings, joggers (one lady in red passed up 4 times, doing her laps around the park) and just folks watching the parade of people go by.

We're very excited to have our first meal out tonight. I'm ready for some street food.
Harvey, on Viet-meth - ready for Cha Bun tonight

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