Friday, March 18, 2016

Around Tombobo

This is our hostesses rental house across the street from the bay. To the right of her house is a wonderful garden, loaded with fresh vegi's.
The view from the front door, to the mouth of the bay.
The main room. If you look hard, you can see the boom (or gaff) of her boat Pilar, hanging in the living room. Diane lives on her boat and uses the house to work on the boat, work on her art, put up her guests and cook.
In the kitchen, fixin' a fresh salad for lunch. One luxury is a normal sized refrigerator.
The naval station across the street.
Nigel the yacht builder is next door. He specializes in catamarans and is famous in the south sea's sailing community.
Small lighthouse at the east side of the bay.
Tongo Sail Inn (rooms for rent and bar)
Yatchie's everywhere
The kitchen in Pilar, Dianes 38 foot sailboat. Diane and her late husband took 9 years to build this boat, before sailing the South Pacific. This is a wood burning stove. More pictures of Pilar later, as when we took the dingy out last night, cocktails were involved and the pictures I took, not so great.

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