Monday, March 14, 2016

Tsujiki Fish Market

Tsujiki Metropolitan Fish Market is the biggest fish and seafood market in the world. If you've ever watched any cooking show where they go to Tokyo, then you've seen Tsujiki. This is where there is the freshest sushi in the world and where I upon arriving, cried my heart out in the middle of the street because my brother would have never left this place, had he an opportunity to visit. I am a silly, sentimental woman!

As I was drying my tears, we were approached by some kids, who wanted to take their picture with me for some unknown reason.  They were from Taiwan, spoke Chinese, had fabulous phones and cameras, with just enough English to have a broken conversation. I was wrong in my prior post about everyone in the world knowing Florida. Maybe it was my accent, however they all knew "Mickey Mouse"!
The kid in the center wanted our pictures, so she promptly took my phone changed the keyboard to Chinese. found herself on Facebook, friend-ed herself to me (all in Chinese) then, thank goodness, got me back to the English keyboard. Now I have received eleventy-hundred posts in Chinese of her trip!

We had the best meal walking around the multiple stalls. Funny thing is, nothing smelled "fishey",  it was all too fresh. But is wasn't all fish, there was sweet omelets, all types of dumplings and fried rice thingy's on sticks. Without a doubt, the sushi didn't taste like anything else I ever put in my mouth before.
The biggest crab in this booth cost a whopping $150.00 !

Tuna Booth

Torching the Clams
Eating the Clam
Finally, we were not able to afford to eat anymore in the Market and wandered off, down the street to the gorgeous Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist Temple down the street. The fish market and area around, is named for the temple, which was built on land reclaimed from the sea (tsujiki means built up land).
Side view.
Inside resides the image of the Amida Buddha, who with pure and infinite wisdom and limitless compassion vowed to liberate all sentient beings, which would otherwise be unable to obtain perfect enlightenment.

"Namo Amida Butsa" we say in gratitude. Here an enlightened, sentient being drinks from a alter.

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